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Anodised Aluminium Strip Conductor

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Low voltage electrical coil conductor material
Application Summary
Coil winding material for DC electromagnets and other low voltage coils

Anodised Aluminium Strip is a conducting material for electrotechnical coil applications with obvious advantages over copper coil windings such as lower cost and weight! 

MAGQUIP can supply Anodised Aluminium Strip Coil conductor material as well as complete coils for DC electromagnets. 

Anodising is a highly flexible, heat-resistant ceramic oxide insulating layer of only 5 microns thick that can be used on electrically conductive materials such as Aluminium. 

The Anodising process is a special continuous electrochemical process resulting in a high wear resistance and a touch friendly surface.  

Suitable For High Temperature Applications 

Melting point of anodised layer is 2000° C, the aluminium conductor material will melt before the anodising layer is compromised. 

Superior Heat Dissipation Qualities 

Coils with resin insulation have poor dissipation of heat, the flow of heat is obstructed by this insulation. Anodised Aluminium has excellent heat dissipation due to the nature of oxide layer and with fill factor of 99% heat is effectively conducted.   

Lower Operation Temperatures 

The surface area of aluminium vs. copper with equal electrical conductivity is 27% greater! This will result in a lesser heat build-up, helped by the fact that aluminium has a higher heat capacity, therefore lesser coil heat under the performance load and resistive heating.  

Space Interlayer Not Required & High Fill Factor 

Since every layer on turn does firmly rest on its next turn no air space is created. The size of the finished aluminium coil is therefore reduced significantly due to the savings of no interlayer in the winding. For example, the typical space volume is 85% to 99.5% filled whereas copper with an interlayer will create only 25% to 65%. This significant difference affords a smaller volume coil when Anodised Aluminium Coil is used.  

Lower Weight Factor 

The specific weight of aluminium is about one third of copper. The electrical resistance of an aluminium conductor in identical cross section is 1.61 higher than copper. 

The weight of the copper coil with the same conductivity as aluminium, same number of turn and same electrical resistance will weigh twice as much as its identical counter part of aluminium.