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Tramp Iron Removal Permanent Magnets

Axial Pole Drum Separator (Rotary)

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Permanent Low intensity or High Intensity [Rare Earth NdFeB or Ceramic Ferrite]
Application Summary
Fine iron removal, mineral processing, recycling and metal reclamation, Separation in Ceramic & Powder Handling Industry, Tramp metal removal
Materials / Commodities
Industrial Minerals, metal, Mineral Processing, slag & steel, sugar processing

The MAGQUIP Axial Pole Rotary Drum Separator (APD) is a top fed low intensity magnetic separator with ferrite permanent magnets. The Axial Pole drum separator is used for the removal of fine tramp iron contaminant and in the concentration or upgrading of dry granular ferromagnetic material.

The magnet element is an axial alternating pole (transverse) element with an arc angle of approximately 180°.

The MAGQUIP Axial Pole Drum Separator is available as single pass/stage unit or alternatively in a two pass/stage version depending on application.

The standard range consists of 450, 600, and 900mm drum diameters with magnet widths between 300-1500mm wide.

Material is fed from the hopper at a controlled rate onto the rotating drum shell (The feed may be presented to the top of the drum or as a ‘falling curtain’ adjacent to the drum periphery).

Magnetic particles are then deflected and held against the drum shell surface; the non-magnetic particles follow their normal trajectory.

Splitters divert the particles into the outlets and chosen chute arrangement.

The MAGQUIP Axial Pole Drum separator will achieve the following:

  • Extraction & Recovery of ferrous metals, tramp metal fed via hopper chute or vibrating feeder
  • Separate or concentrate ferromagnetic minerals

The advantages of the MAGQUIP Axial Pole Drum Separator includes:

  • MAGQUIP axial alternating pole (APD) transverse element with ferrite magnets
  • Accurately manufactured thin wall drum shell with minimal drum magnet gap, precision manufactured to close tolerance on diameter
  • Option of high-strength fibre reinforced composite plastic; coated with two layers abrasion resistant ‘Epoxy Gelcoat’, Two colours used for wear induction
  • Sophisticated control panel enclosure featuring PLC features for advanced component control and feedback with HMI
  • Direct drive to drum by shaft mount type geared motor. Reduced motor power with non-metallic shell option means ‘eddy current drag’ effect.

Feed Hopper or vibrating feeder

Axial Pole (transverse) Ferrite Magnet inside AISI 304 Stainless Steel Drum with Direct Drive geared motor

Fabricated carbon steel enclosure

Product splitters + Support frame + Product Chutes + Outlets + Dust extraction ports

Can be supplied with HMI type PLC & VSD electrical control panel.