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Laboratory Magnetic Separators

Bench Top Batch WHIMS

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Electromagnet, high gradient, high intensity
Application Summary
Batch and Laboratory scale WHIMS separation, Determination of magnetic response to WHIMS, Laboratory scale separation & beneficiation of weakly magnetic [paramagnetic] ores & minerals

The bench top Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator [WHIMS] is a static high gradient separator used for laboratory application batch testing, concentration / separation of slurries containing weakly magnetic. It is also an excellent determinant of the feasibility of WHIMS technology and to optimise settings for pilot or full-scale production separators

The bench top WHIMS is an ideal addition to any mineral testing facility due to its versatility and ease of use! The ability to easily change between different matrix types and adjust coil intensity to determine optimum configuration and the magnetic gradient required for separation of various materials makes key piece of equipment for laboratories involved in hydrometallurgical testing.

The slurry feed pulp is premixed and then fed into the boil box of the bench top WHIMS in batches, it then falls gravitationally through a grid pack of a chosen matrix type (grooved plate wedgewire, mesh, balls). The grid pack separation media is positioned between two electromagnetic coils and opposing poles which are supported by a yoke assembly.

Amperage adjustment to the electromagnetic coils can be made to vary the magnetic gradient and intensity via a control panel with pot adjustment, settings can be fine-tuned depending on the application and minerals to be separated.

The paramagnetic particles are then retained to the magnetically induced matrix material while the non-magnetic material flows through vertically unaffected by the matrix and high gradient magnetic force and is collected in a container underneath the grid pack. Additional water can then be added to ensure rinsing of the matrix to flush out any entrained non-magnetic material.

The paramagnetic material can then be washed off the matrix after depowering the coils and this separated material can then be collected in a separate magnetics container.

The bench top batch WHIMS is ideal for:

Preliminary investigations into the purification, concentration or separation of various paramagnetic minerals using WHIMS technology and various matrix options.

Monitoring the performance of plant & pilot scale high gradient WHIMS machines

Determination of the magnetic response of paramagnetic minerals.

Batch wet separation of weakly susceptible [paramagnetic] materials

Mineral research, testing and analysis using WHIMS technology.

Scoping full scale WHIMS production equipment and flow sheet development for circuits requiring wet high gradient magnetic separators.

Carbon Steel corrosion protected frame & yoke assembly

AISI 304 Stainless Steel Feed boil box and feed chute

Interchangeable matrix grid pack with various matrix media

Copper wound electromagnetic coils enclosed in AISI 304 stainless steel

Local control panel with pot adjustable constant coil current control and digital volt/amps display.