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Laboratory Magnetic Separators

Bench Top Rare Earth Roll Separator (RERS)

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high gradient [Rare Earth NdFeB], high intensity, Permanent
Application Summary
Batch and Laboratory scale RERS testing, Determination of magnetic response to RERS, Laboratory scale separation & beneficiation of weakly magnetic [paramagnetic] ores & minerals

The Bench top Rare Earth Roll Separator is a permanent magnet high intensity roll magnet for the investigation, separation and/or upgrading of dry granular paramagnetic material in the 75 microns to 10 mm size range.  

This laboratory/pilot scale dry high intensity permanent roll separator is an ideal addition to any mineral testing facility due to its versatility. While the unit is supplied with three rare earth high intensity rolls, it is also supplied with a low intensity ferrite roll. The separator offers further selectivity in magnetic intensity and application by also supplying the belt in varying material thickness. 

Material is fed from the feed hopper at a controlled rate onto the short belt conveyor via magnetically driven vibrating feeder to ensure a constant feed. As the belt and material travels around the magnetic roll, magnetic particles are influenced by competing centrifugal and magnetic forces. Magnetics are thrown from the belt, at a position on the roll where the centrifugal force overcomes the magnetic forces.  

Non-magnetic particles are thrown from the belt on their normal trajectory. The particles are diverted by two adjustable scale plated splitters into magnetics, middling or non-magnetic chutes 

The benchtop MAGNAROLL is ideal for: 

  • Preliminary investigations into the purification or concentration of mineral samples   
  • Monitoring the performance of plant scale rare earth roll [RERS] and drum [REDS] magnetic separators. 
  • Determination of the magnetic response of minerals.
  • Separating weakly susceptible magnetic materials
  • Mineral research, testing and analysis.
  • Scoping full scale production equipment and flow sheet development  

Powder coated enclosure 

AISI 304 Stainless Steel Feed Hopper, feeder tray & product chutes.  

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder 

Three product chute with scale plate adjustable splitters (magnetics, middling, non-magnetics) 

Pot adjustable Roll VSD & vibratory feeder controller with digital output displays   

For single phase 110/240V power (50/60hz) 

Weight 100 kgs  

50kgs per hour capacity  

Supplied with one low intensity ferrite roll and three high intensity rolls 100mm diameter 100mm wide. 

Supplied with aramid cloth (Kevlar) belt 0.125mm and polyurethane belt 1.2mm thick.