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Laboratory Magnetic Separators

“Carpco Style” Bench Top “Lift” Induced Roll Separator

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Application Summary
Determination of magnetic response of minerals, magnetic fractionation, magnetic susceptibility, Mineral research, Separating, testing and analysis

The MAGQUIP MAGNALIFT Benchtop Lift type Induced Roll Separator is a high intensity separator designed to separate, purify or concentrate dry granular mixtures having a wide range of differences in magnetic susceptibility or for determination of the magnetic response of paramagnetic minerals in mineral study. 

This essential laboratory/pilot scale separator is bottom fed and based on the original Carpco type separator.  

The laboratory induced roll is capable of a varying magnetic field from low to high magnetic intensities. At high coil amperage the roll can induce up to 20,000 gauss field strength, easily separating fine particle sizes from 45 microns to 1 mm. 

The benchtop lift type induced roll separator can be used as an alternative to isodynamic separators and is ideal for mineral analysis and research.

The MAGQUIP lift type induced roll separator utilises a vibratory tray feeder to transport material horizontally through an adjustable magnetic field induced by a grooved roll and opposing nose pole. Any magnetically susceptible particles entering the magnetic field are “lifted” out of the bed of material on the tray and attracted to the rotating roll. The grooved roll works to concentrate the magnetic flux provided by the coil inducing very high magnetic fields. This high intensity is achieved in the area of material travel along the vibrating feeder tray. Since material is lifted out against the force of gravity, this ensures no entrapment can take place and very clean separation is possible with very little non-magnetic fraction (Ideal for mineral with slight differences in magnetic susceptibility). Material is then separated into magnetic and non-magnetics chutes and discharged into trays. 

The MAGQUIP bench top Lift induced roll is ideal for: 

  • Determination of the magnetic response of minerals. 
  • Separating materials with slight or large differences in magnetic susceptibility 
  • Magnetic fractionation 
  • Mineral research, testing and analysis.
  • Scoping full scale production equipment and flow sheet development  
  • Preliminary investigations into the purification or concentration of mineral samples  
  • Monitoring the performance of plant scale WHIMS and IRMS magnetic separators

AISI 304 Stainless Steel Feed Hopper, feeder tray & product chutes.  

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder 

Alloy coated grooved magnetic roll with cleaning brush 

Fan Cooled copper wound DC coil 

Pot adjustable Constant Coil Current Control, Roll VSD & vibratory feeder controller all with digital output displays   

For single phase 110/240V power (50/60hz) 

Weight 190 kgs  

50kgs per hour capacity