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Chute Magnet Tailings Tester

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high gradient [Rare Earth NdFeB], high intensity, Permanent
Application Summary
Determination of the efficiency of separation for low intensity wet drum magnetic separators

The MAGQUIP Magnachute Tailings Tester is a simple yet effective permanent magnet assembly for determining the efficiency of low intensity wet drum magnetic separators (LIMS) as used in the recovery of magnetite or ferrosilicon in dense/heavy media separation plants.

The MAGQUIP Magnachute tailings tester consists of two ceramic ferrite magnet blocks with steel poles positioned at right angles to the flow of slurry/tailings. A sloping non-magnetic frame supports the magnet unit which carries a non-magnetic stainless-steel chute that is hinged at the upper end and held directly in contact with the poles of the magnet. 

Samples during operation of wet drum magnetic separators are then fed gently down the inclined chute. Magnetics in the slurry will stick to the area of magnetism from the permanent magnet blocks underneath the chute while water and non-magnetic material will continue to flow down the chute into a collecting container. The hinged chute is then tilted upwards and positioned so that cleaned magnetics can be discharged into an evaporating dish for further analysis or weighing.  

The MAGQUIP Magnachute is ideal for: 

  • Determination of the efficiency of separation for low intensity wet drum magnetic separators 
  • Comparison performance standards for commercial scale separator efficiency  

AISI 304 Stainless Steel frame and chute  

C8A ceramic Ferrite magnet blocks with backing poles