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Lifting & Scrap Handling Magnets

Circular Lifting Magnets

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Application Summary
Ball Mill Loading, Collecting fine grained magnetic material, Material handling, Steel and Scrap metal handling

The MAGQUIP range of Circular Lifting Magnets offer a comprehensive solution for scrap and steel handling.  

MAGQUIP scrap handling magnets maximise lifting capacity via optimally proportioned constructions materials and anodised aluminium strip winding. 

A choice of five diameters with shallow and deep versions to suit your mobile or gantry crane are available. All coils are wound with anodised aluminium strip which offers sustained resistance to heat conducted from hot materials being handled. 

Anodised aluminium strip wound lifting magnets also offer coil windings with much higher coil “fill factor” and thermal conductivity than glass covered wire.  

Circular Lifting Magnets compared with glass covered circular aluminium wire, for same coil radial winding depth and coil ampere turns, require only fifty percent of the coil height and seventy percent of the coil weight – meaning a shallower magnet body and lighter coil weight equals lower overall magnet weight. 

Circular Lifting Magnets compared with glass covered circular copper wire, for same coil winding section and coil ampere turns, requires only forty percent of the coil weight – lighter coil weight equals lower magnet weight 

The MAGQUIP Circular lifting magnet are used for:  

  • Ball Mill Loading 
  • Steel handling  
  • Scrap Recycling  
  • Collecting fine grained magnetic materials 

Magnet shell 

low carbon steel with integral core lifting lugs and terminal box 

Inner/outer poles 

machined from low carbon steel welded to shell  


anodised aluminium strip cavity filled with high temperature epoxy fibre glass compound 

Bumping Plate  

Fabricated non-magnetic manganese or stainless steel 

Terminal Box  

Two compartment type with sealed lid coil leads and supply cable separated on larger magnets space for voltage surge suppressor (Metrosil) 

Lifting with replaceable hardened steel bushes 

Three-legged alloy steel attached to lugs with high tensile steel pins 

Supply Cable  

2 metre length of flexible cable with weatherproof plug / socket is included 

Power Supplies 

For gantry cranes with AC power supply – transformer rectifier fixed DC output voltage switching with AC block contactors or SCR (thyristor) with boost output voltage for lifting reduced output voltage for carrying – maximum lifting capacity lower coil temperature for longer coil life 

For mobile cranes and trucks alternator with integral rectifier – features rapid magnetisation and demagnetisation – duty cycle display to warn operator of coil overheating 

Optional Equipment  

Include Magquip radio controllers for remote operation  

Hoists & cable reeling drums 

Battery back-up emergency power supply units