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Electrical Control and Instrumentation
Application Summary
Electromagnet Power Supply Units, Powering and Controlling of DC electromagnets

The MAGQUIP range of Combo Power Supply (PSU) Control Panels are our in-house developed DC electromagnet power supply unit with dry type transformer rectifier, also housing the control gear in a single split ELV enclosure.  

The Combo control and PSU panel can be used for any DC electromagnet brand, however the use of a dry type transformer is a smart choice for our POWERSMART range of dry type Self Air Cooled electromagnets.  

By combining the traditional stand-alone Transformer Rectifier and Control Panel, the Magquip Combo Panel is an innovative product which has many improvements and advantages over the traditional equipment. The Combo Panel has a Local and Remote-Control Mode which makes it well suited for modern installations with DCS and PLC systems or even less modern systems where only Local Control is required. The Combo Panel requires a single electrical feed and has the necessary controls and protection built in to control the Belt Motor and Magnet and provide feedback to Plant Operator and Control System. 

The MAGQUIP Combo Panel is a Low Voltage (<1000V) IP65 Sheet Metal Enclosure constructed of powder coated Mild or Stainless Steel. It consists of three partitioned compartments, the Main Partition contains the Mains Circuit i.e. 400VAC/525VAC 3Ph Switchgear, the second partition contains the DC Circuit (Transformer Rectifier) and the third partition contains the Control Circuit (24VDC / 110AC / 220VAC). 

The Combo Panel is suited for both Manual and Self-Cleaning Electromagnets with 1 – 20 kW DC output. 

The Magquip Combo Control & PSU Panel has two modes of operation. 

  1. Local Control (default)
    • Control by means of Door mounted pushbuttons.
  2. Remote Control
    • Control by means of digital inputs into the panel which activates a relay and disables the Local Start functions. 
    • Start & Stop control of Magnet and Belt Motor by means of digital inputs. 


Remote I/O’s (others available on request)  


Digital Output from Client DCS/PLC 

  • Remote Control Mode. 
  • Remote Start/Stop Magnet. 
  • Remote Start/Stop Belt Motor 


Digital Inputs to Client DCS/PLC 

  • Magnet On.
  • Belt Motor On.
  • Panel Healthy
  • Magnet Current Fault 


Optional Extras (others available on request) 

Analog Input to Client DCS/PLC 

  • 4-20mA Signal for Magnet Coil Current. 
  • Less cabling required 
  • Improved installation time and reduced cost 
  • Improved fault-finding times 
  • Mains and Control Circuit Segregation 
  • Maintenance friendly design 
  • Reliability and Operational Performance improved 
  • Convenient eye level interface 
  • Improved Safety 

The standard design circuit includes:  

Main Partition (Front) 

Door mounted Pilot Lights for: Power On, Remote Control, Fault, Magnet On & Belt Motor On. Push Buttons for Start & Stop Magnet, Start & Stop Belt Motor and Reset Fault. Emergency Stop Button 

Transformer Rectifier Partition (Front) 

Double Wound Three Phase Step-down Transformer, Dry type & Full Wave Three Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier  

Control Circuit Partition (Rear) 

 Standard features include: 

  • Floor Standing IP65 Enclosure 
  • 2mm Mild Steel Construction, powder coated 
  • Four top mount lifting points 
  • 100mm Plinth 
  • Removable Gland Plate 
  • Slanted Roof/Canopy Design 
  • Padlockable Stainless Steel Square Key Locks 
  • External Earth Studs 
  • Continuous Polyurethane Door Seals 
  • Premade Gland Entries 
  • Front and Rear Doors & Access Panel 
  • Padlockable Isolator 

Optional features include but are not limited to: 

  • ATEX Zone 21/22 certification 
  • Visible Break Isolator & Inspection Window 
  • Under Belt Speed Detection for Cleaning Belt 
  • Belt Misalignment Detection for Cleaning Belt 
  • Analogue Outputs for Magnet Current 
  • 3CR12 or Stainless-Steel Enclosure