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Tramp Iron Removal Permanent Magnets

Cone/Bullet Magnets

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Permanent [Rare Earth NdFeB or Ceramic Ferrite]
Application Summary
Tramp metal & fine iron removal for dry material in pipes and chutes
Materials / Commodities
ceramics and powders, Foods, Industrial Minerals, pharmaceuticals

The MAGQUIP Bullet/Cone magnets are designed for vertical ducts where dry, granular material is free flowing and minimum interference is a requirement. The particles or contaminant iron in the material flowing through the duct pass near and are attracted to a powerful cylindrical permanent magnet shaped like a cone of bullet so as not to impede the material flow.

The cone/bullet magnet is fitted in the centre of a tubular housing with flanged outlets on the top and bottom. To facilitate removal of collected iron the magnet is fixed to a hinged door with quick release fasteners and latches.

Cone/Bullet magnet also known as tube magnets are available in ferrite or rare earth permanent magnet options depending on application.

The MAGQUIP bullet / cone magnets are available in large number of diameters from 100 to 500 mm.

MAGQUIP cone / bullet magnets are made from food grade stainless steel and where welding is required are welded to food grade standard, this ensures the product “food safe” which means its durable, corrosion-resistant, non-absorbent, can withstand repeated washing; is easy-to-clean surface; and resistant to surface damage.