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Laboratory Magnetic Separators

Davis Tube Tester

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Electromagnet, high gradient, high intensity
Application Summary
Assessing feasibility of wet magnetic separation of iron ores, Determining the magnetic content of iron ores, industrial dust and wastes

The MAGQUIP Davis Tube Tester is and should always be the basis for magnetic separation testing for iron ore concentration. This laboratory separator is used for determining the magnetic content of ores, industrial dust and wastes, and assessing magnetic iron concentrations to be achieved by commercial wet or dry magnetic separators in iron ore concentrators. 

The MAGQUIP Davis Tube consists of a glass tube angularly set at 45° between the poles of a powerful electromagnet.  

Magnetic material is mixed with water and fed into the glass tube and then sealed off with a rubber bung. A reciprocating helical motion is imparted to the tube for agitating the slurry material that is fed into the top of the glass tube. The speed and frequency of the actuation are controlled by the driving motor control function.  

The current to the coils can be controlled to produce a variable strength magnetic field in the centre of the tube where magnetic material is held in the water suspension.  

The constant agitating action of the glass tube effectively shakes and washes out the non-magnetic particles leaving behind only the magnetic material separated. 

The glass tube is then drained through the rubber hoses and magnetic concentrate material is collected in a tray for evaporation of water and further analysis. The total time for this process can take only 5 minutes.  

The MAGQUIP Davis Tube is ideal for: 

  • Preliminary investigations into the magnetic iron content of iron ores and oxides, as opposed to chemical analysis which only determines iron (magnetic or non-magnetic) 
  • Determination of the optimum grind size and liberation required to reach magnetic iron grade 
  • Magnetic iron particle research, testing and analysis. 
  • Scoping full scale production equipment and flow sheet development for drum separators in iron ore concentrators 
  • Comparison performance standards for commercial scale separator efficiency  

Powder coated enclosure 

AISI 304 Stainless Steel Feed Hopper, feeder tray & product chutes.  

Motor actuating device for tube agitation 

Two DC Copper Wound Coils fitted to yoke armature with concentrating poles    

Constant coil current controller with digital output   

For single phase 110/240V power (50/60hz) 

Weight 90 kgs  

Supplied with glass tube, rubber hoses & clamps, stainless steel evaporating pan 

Supplied with aramid cloth [Kevlar] belt 0.125mm and polyurethane belt 1.2mm thick.