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DC Magnet Power supply / Transformer Rectifier

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DC Power supply unit
Application Summary
Electromagnet Power Supply Units, Powering of DC electromagnets

The MAGQUIP range of DC magnet Power Supply units are our standard in-house developed DC electromagnet power supply unit with dry type transformer rectifier.  

The Electromagnet Power Supply Unit can be used for any DC electromagnet brand, however the use of a dry type transformer is a smart choice for our POWERSMART range of dry type Self Air Cooled electromagnets.  

The standard MAGQUIP Power Supply Unit is a Sheet Metal Enclosure constructed of carbon or stainless steel. It consists of two partitioned compartments, the main partition contains the mains circuit i.e. 400VAC/525VAC 3Ph Switchgear, the second partition contains the DC Circuit (Transformer Rectifier).  

Available DC power output range – 1 to 20 kW 

Double Wound Three Phase Step-down Transformer,  

Dry type and Full Wave Three Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier  

 Standard features include: 

  • Floor Standing 
  • Powder Coated Enclosure  
  • 2mm Mild Steel Construction
  • Four top mount lifting points
  • 100mm Plinth
  • Removable Gland Plate 
  • Padlockable Key Locks 
  • Visible Break Isolator & Inspection Window 
  • External Earth Studs 
  • Continuous Polyurethane Seals 
  • Premade Gland Entries 
  • Access Panel 
  • Padlockable Isolator