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FLANMAG Roll Separator

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high gradient [Rare Earth NdFeB], high intensity, Permanent
Application Summary
Separation / upgrading of dry granular paramagnetic materials
Materials / Commodities
heavy mineral beach sands (Ilmenite/Zircon), Industrial Minerals, silica sand

The patented [WO 2020/188459 A1] MAGQUIP “FLANMAG” Roll Separator is a long overdue revolution in the application of permanent Rare Earth roll and drum magnetic separation technology!

This device eliminates the role and reliance of centrifugal force enhancing separation efficiency and increasing feed rate for a fraction of the cost!

The FLANMAG roll separator is a two roll (head and tail) rare earth magnet assembly with thin (aramid Kevlar) conveyor belt, with a novel “placement” feed method to the primary roll and belt. With this method the material feed is separated into non-magnetic and magnetic fractions on initial roll impact, there is no middlings fraction. The non-magnetic and magnetic fractions travel in opposite directions, no splitter plate required and only a single pass is usually required for complete separation.

This patented permanent high intensity roll magnet device is intended for the separation and or upgrading of dry granular paramagnetic material in the 75 microns to 1 mm size range.

Roll diameter is 220mm Roll width is 1000mm wide (Laboratory version also available).

Conventional roll and Drum magnetic separators use centrifugal and magnetic force to separate non-magnetic and magnetic particles from a material stream. The centrifugal force must be able to eject the non-magnetic particles, but at the same time not overcome the magnetic force holding the magnetic particles. Centrifugal force sets a limit on the separator feed rate and the separation efficiency.

On the FLANMAG roll separator the feed material falls from a hopper onto a ramp, it travels down the ramp and is placed on the magnet at a position which depends on the amount of magnetics in the feed.

On contact with the tail roll magnet, the material is separated into non-magnetic and magnetic fractions, the non-magnetic component falls from the magnet (NM1) and the magnetic component is transferred by the rotation of the drum or roll until it is out of the influence of the magnetic field and continues along the conveyor belt until it reaches the second roll (head roll).

Non-magnetics not rejected at the tail magnetic roll [NM1], are removed at the head magnetic roll [NM2]. The second magnetic roll will separate feed material containing a high amount of magnetics, for example ilmenite in heavy mineral concentrate. The rotation speed is set to match the amount of the magnetic component.

The FLANMAG roll separator will do the same job as a conventional RERS but with a higher feed rate and much lower capital and operational cost.

Typical applications are the purification or processing of industrial minerals, heavy mineral beach sands (Ilmenite, Zircon), Silica sands or for removal of iron contaminants from fine grained particulate solids.

Typical size range of material treated from 75 microns to 10 mm.

The advantages of the FLANMAG Roll Separator include:

  • No centrifugal force limiting separation efficiency
  • High capacity for dry fine grained particulate solids (Typically 10 t/h for glass sand compared with conventional roll magnetic separators)
  • Rare earth permanent magnets cover the full roll width: Conventional separators have only 25% collection width for magnetic particles.
  • Slower belt speed mean increased belt and component life with reduced wear rates
  • Single or Dual magnetic roll option for single/two pass treatment in a single stage operation
  • Totally enclosed with easy access to component parts
  • Standard endless belt 125 micron Kevlar aramid cloth (Option for 300 micron non-magnetic stainless steel)
  • Simple gravity device for belt tensioning.
  • Guides on belt edges for positive belt tracking.
  • Cantilever roll cassette assembly for quick and easy belt replacement.
  • Can be supplied with drum in place of roll. Belted or beltless.
  • Can be configured for wet material processing (see wet version)

Feed Hopper [roll feeder option] with placement feed gravity chute

Single or Double Rare Earth magnet Rolls

Aramid Kevlar, fabric, or stainless-steel conveyor belts

Direct Drive Geared motor

Product splitters + support frame + enclosure + chutes + outlets + dust extraction ports

VSD electrical control panel enclosure with HMI type PLC control and feedback options