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Tramp Iron Removal

Fragmentiser “Frag” & “Slag” Rotary Drum Separator

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Permanent or Electromagnetic
Application Summary
Recycling, scrap handling and processing, Scrap Metal / steel recycling & reclamation, Tramp metal removal
Materials / Commodities
Scrap metal & steel

The MAGQUIP range of ROTAFRAG and ROTASLAG rotary drum separators are large diameter rotary drum separators used for the processing of very large and heavy shredded steel fragments.

These rotary drum separators are made from heavy duty extremely durable materials and components to handle the acute physical demands placed on the separator by the oversized sharp steel as well as meeting the requirements of recovering the maximum amount of ferrous metal throughput while obtaining a clean and pure level of separation with low losses of valuable material.

The ROTAFRAG drum separator is usually underfed via a vibrating pan feeder and will lift and carry over the drum any large ferrous metal particles presented to the drum. This drum separator can be used for the separation of shredded steel in metal processing and reclamation operations and fragmentation plants. The ROTAFRAG can be made with a permanent magnet assembly.

The ROTASLAG drum separator is usually a top fed rotary drum separator used for the reclamation of by-product steel slag in steel producing furnace plants or EAF slag from scrap-based steel industry production. This design makes use of a series of electromagnet poles arranged radially within the drum. The ROTASLAG can only be supplied as an electromagnetic version.

The MAGQUIP range of slag and frag separation drum are supplied with or without vibrating feeder units.

The MAGQUIP range of rotary drum separators are 900 mm to 1200 mm diameter with lengths of 1200 mm up to 1500 mm.

Large particles of steel fragments are presented to the rotary drum separator shell via a suitably sized heavy duty vibrating pan feeder to control the rate of material feed. As the steel particles enter the strong magnetic generated over a relatively large distance, they are attracted and pinned to the drum surface initially by the stationary primary or main electromagnet coil or permanent magnet pole. Once held in place, the rotating drum shell transports the steel pieces around the drum periphery to the slightly less intense auxiliary pole [permanent or electro for FRAG] which then continues the carrying ability provide the rotating drum shell until eventually it is released into a diverting chute or plate as it leaves the effective area of the main and auxiliary magnets.

For the FRAG and SLAG electromagnetic version the main and auxiliary coils are wound with Anodised aluminium strip coil conductor and required a suitable DC power supply.

The FRAG permanent type version makes use of Ferrite or Rare Earth permanent magnet blocks arranged and stacked to create two poles.

MAGQUIP large rotary drum separators will comfortably remove and purify steel particles at high rates as generated by steel manufacturing and steel recycling/reclamation operations.

ROTAFRAG – Permanent Magnet type

  • No expensive DC power supply and associated electrical maintenance required
  • Permanent magnets require no power, lower total cost of ownership
  • High magnetic gradients possible at large gaps


Electromagnet type  – Anodised Aluminium Strip Coils advantages

  • Electromagnet’s can be switched off as required for handling, maintenance etc.
  • 5-year coil guarantee!
  • Strip offer a Higher Coil winding “fill factor” of >98% vs. Aluminium DGC wire with 66% “fill factor”
  • No Coil “hotspots” and superior thermal conductivity of resistive heat as opposed to wire windings with oil cooling

Vibrating Feeder:

Unbalanced type pan feeder with heavy duty liners

Drum Shell:

Manganese steel alloy with welded heavy duty stainless cleaning strips


Fabricated S355JR Carbon steel wit 2 coat epoxy paint system

Main and Auxiliary:

Ferrite or Rare Earth permanent magnet blocks

Magnet assembly:

With carbon steel poles and backbar

Coil & Core [Electro]:

Anodised Aluminium Strip + S355JR Carbon steel core

DC Power Supply [Electro]:

Dry type, silicone diode bridge connected transformer rectifier

Drive arrangement:

Geared motor with chain drive sprocket and chain wheel