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Tramp Iron Removal Permanent Magnets

Grid/Drawer Magnets

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Permanent [Rare Earth NdFeB or Ceramic Ferrite]
Application Summary
Tramp metal & fine iron removal for dry material in pipes/hoppers and chutes
Materials / Commodities
ceramics and powders, Foods, Industrial Minerals, pharmaceuticals

The MAGQUIP Grid Magnet is a series of strong magnetic tubes forming a grid with spaces between the tubes. The grid allows free flow of material through the gaps between the tubes while small pieces of contaminant tramp iron are collected against the magnetic tubes.

The magnetic grids are available in a large number of sizes up to 1 m².

Providing the material to be cleaned is dry and free flowing, these units provide a very efficient method of extracting tramp iron, even when present in fine particles, because of the close proximity of the permanent magnets themselves and the poles that they energise.

Ideal for easy installation in hoppers, floor openings and chutes.

The magnetic tubes/grids can also be installed in a drawer system allowing a series of grids to be used. This Drawer Magnet has the grids enclosed in a housing with a self-cleaning feature to remove fine iron attracted to the tubes easily. The drawer magnets are available in sizes from 250 mm² to 600 mm². The housings can have square or circular flanged inlets/outlets.

All MAGQUIP Grid and Drawer magnets are made from food grade 304 stainless steel and where welding is required are welded to food grade standard. This ensures the product is “food safe” which means its durable, corrosion-resistant, non-absorbent, can withstand repeated washing, is easy-to-clean surface, and resistant to surface damage.

MAGQUIP Grid/Drawer are suitable for temperatures up to 150°C. When Rare Earth Magnets are used temperatures up 80°Care allowable.