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HEMASORT HGMS Iron Ore Separator

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high gradient [Rare Earth NdFeB], high intensity, Permanent
Application Summary
Coarse particle beneficiation of paramagnetic ores, High Capacity
Materials / Commodities
Chrome, Hematite, Manganese

The MAGQUIP HEMASORT is a high gradient rare earth permanent roll separator for dry processing of coarse-grained lump hematite ores (HEMASORT) and chromite (CHROMSORT) up to 50 mm in particle size.

This Iron Ore separator is easily deployed in applications and environments where high-grade lump and direct shipping ore deposits can be mined and processed dry and in situ without costly communition circuits and at high volumes.

The separator employs a large diameter roll arrangement (300mm diameter) for high capacity feeding of large particles on a short belt conveyor system with integrated vibrating feeder for uniform feed across the 1500 mm roll width.

The HEMASORT can be supplied as single stage separator or alternatively as a two-stage separator with magnetics re-treat, non-magnetics re-treat with optional middling product configurations.

Material is fed from the hopper and vibrating pan feeder at a controlled rate on to the short belt conveyor. The ore travels along the conveyor belt towards the large diameter rare earth magnetic roll, particles are then influenced by competing centrifugal and magnetic forces.

Hematite or any other weakly magnetic iron oxide particles are pinned to the roll and travel around the roll periphery held in by the magnetic force.

Non-magnetic particles not influenced by the magnetic forces are thrown from the belt on their normal trajectory at a position on the roll where the centrifugal force overcomes the magnetic forces.

The magnetic roll consists of a series of rare earth permanent magnet rings sandwiched between carbon steel disks with optimal magnet and pole thickness configuration based on large particle sizes and is driven directly by a shaft mount geared motor which also drives the speed adjustable (VSD) conveyor belt.

The MAGQUIP HEMASORT separator will separate and upgrade dry, coarse weakly magnetic and material such as hematite and chromite.

The HEMASORT / CHROMESORT can handle feed rates of up to 200 tph depending on layer depth and bulk density.

The advantages of the MAGQUIP HEMASORT / CHROMESORT Separator include:

  • 300 mm Rare Earth Roll Magnet with measurable 12,000 gauss flux density
  • Suitable dust cover enclosure for containment of very dusty environment
  • Direct Drive shaft mounted geared motor for magnet / belt drive
  • Robust high quality drum components for operational longevity in hot & dusty arid environments
  • Supplied with MAGQUIP Vibrating pan feeder complete with heavy duty liners
  • Control panel enclosure with VSD’s, PLC control and feedback signals with HMI
  • Test unit available in MAGQUIP laboratory
  • Various customisable product / chute configurations available.

Fabricated Carbon Steel Product feed hopper

Vibrating Pan Feeder with Unbalanced motors and heavy-duty liners

Durable polyurethane conveyor belt with sidewalls

300 mm diameter Rare Earth magnet roll and carbon steel turbine type tail roll

Fabricated carbon steel dust cover enclosure with chutes

Fabricated carbon steel support framework.