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Induced Roll Separator HGMS / IRMS

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Application Summary
purification or concentration of dry granular mixtures having differences in magnetic susceptibility, Separation
Materials / Commodities
Battery Minerals, beach sands, heavy minerals, Industrial Minerals, iron ores

The MAGQUIP Induced Roll Separator [IRMS] is a high-intensity magnetic electromagnetic separator designed to separate, purify or concentrate dry granular mixtures having differences in magnetic susceptibility. The IRMS high-intensity electromagnets can induce up to 20,000 gauss field strength easily separating fine particle sizes from 45 microns to 1 mm.

Roll diameters are 140 mm with roll widths up to 1000mm wide.

The standard configuration is two start two pass or three pass for magnetic product recovery or non-magnetic product recovery.

Separation of weakly magnetisable materials from a granular mixture requires a magnetic force which is much greater than can be produced by even strong rare earth magnets. This magnetic force is the product of field intensity and the rate of change of this field over distance (Force Index, Force Factor, or magnetic gradient). The separation of dry weakly magnetic materials on a continuous basis is accomplished by the MAGQUIP IRMS with a combination of high intensity magnetic force and correct feed presentation.

Suitable magnetic force is achieved by placing a roll made of alternate magnetic and non-magnetic zones between specially shaped poles of a powerful electromagnetic circuit The electromagnet induces magnetic fields about the magnetic laminations of each roll forming local regions of high magnetic intensity and sharp gradients.

Correct feed presentation is achieved by presenting the material to be separated by means of a velocity feed system, this allows the material to enter the separation zone and moving roll without any bounce at the optimum velocity for efficient separation.

In the separation zone the feebly magnetic particles are attracted to the roll by magnetic force, the attracted particles are carried by the surface of the roll into a lower intensity region where they either fall off or are brushed off. Non-magnetic particles are unaffected by the magnetic field and follow their natural trajectory away from the roll. Middling material partly affected by the strong magnetic field report to a middling section if applicable.

Remove weakly magnetic particles from dry granular materials that are feebly magnetic (paramagnetic).

Typical applications and specific minerals treated are:

Removal of magnetic impurities from:

Apatite, Baddeleyite, Barite, Bauxite, Calcite, Cassiterite, Corundum, Feldspar, Flint Clay, Glass Sands, Kyanite, Limestone, Manganese, Mica, Mullite, Nepheline Syenite, Petalite, Scheelite, Spodumene (battery mineral), Wollastonite, Zircon

Magnetic concentration of:

Chromite, Garnet, Iron Ores (hematite, Siderite, Limonite), Kimberlite, Monazite and Rare Earths, Silicone Carbide, Battey minerals (tantalite, columbite & struvite), Tungsten minerals (wolframite & huberite), Titanium / heavy minerals (ilmenite, leucoxene, rutile).

Other applications include foundry sands, magnetic contaminants in metal powders, pyrite from coal.

The advantages of the MAGQUIP Induced Roll Separator [IRMS] include:

  • Integrated large volume feed hopper
  • High gradient roll of varying constructions
  • Optimised isolated magnetic circuit with high magnetic field gradients from long life coils
  • Sophisticated control panel enclosure featuring PLC features for advanced component control and magnetic field adjustment via current control, feedback monitoring signals and HMI.
  • Compact modular enclosure with easy door panel access, with optional dust extraction ports
  • Calibrated splitter controls
  • Easy to change rolls & roll brushes

Large Volume Feed Hopper & Feed arrangement (star roll type or velocity feed)

High Gradient roll with steel laminations

Product splitters + Support frame + Enclosure + Product Chutes + Outlets + Dust extraction ports + low intensity scalper roll if applicable

Supplied with PLC, Current Control & VSD electrical control panel with HMI.