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Tramp Iron Removal Permanent Magnets

Magnetic Head Pulleys

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Permanent [Rare Earth NdFeB or Ceramic Ferrite]
Application Summary
metal reclamation or mineral separation from bulk material on conveyor belts, Tramp metal iron removal
Materials / Commodities
ceramics, Foods, Industrial Minerals, metals, mining, pharmaceuticals, powders, Recycling

The MAGQUIP PERMAPULLEY is a range of standard permanent magnetic head pulleys for integration into conveyor belt systems acting as both the head/drive pulley as well as continuously separating metal, tramp iron and any ferromagnetic/paramagnetic minerals.

Magnetic head pulleys can provide high separation efficiency coupled with ease of installation and maintenance, with very low capital and ownership costs. This is why magnetic head pulleys remain one of the most popular types of magnetic separators.

Occupying no more space than standard drive pulleys and when being integrated into existing systems using conventional drive pulley size standards, they can be considered truly “plug and play” separators.

The MAGQUIP PERMAPULLEY range complies with standard belt conveyor drive pulley dimensions.

The magnet elements available are: Axial (transverse) pole type and radial steel pole type

In Standard Diameters from 200 mm to 500 mm, there is the option of strontium ferrite (SrFe) or rare earth (NdFeB). Permanent magnets pulley diameters 630 mm and 800 mm only available with SrFe permanent magnets.

Pulleys with ceramic ferrite permanent magnets are used for general tramp iron removal, with rare earth permanent magnets being used for more difficult fine size tramp iron removal or for applications which require stronger magnetic force such as the removal of paramagnetic material such as banded ironstone from diamondiferous gravels or the recovery of charge chrome from slag-chrome mixtures.

The pulleys are of a robust mechanical construction with shaft steel EN8 end plates mild steel shell AISI 304 stainless steel lagging 6 mm or 10 mm diamond back rubber.

The shaft is attached to the magnet element and the end plates with Bikon or similar locking devices. The shaft’s external dimensions are made to suit client’s choice of plummer block bearings and gearmotor.

Permanent magnetic head pulleys firstly work as the head pulley of a conveyor belt system transmitting the drive power into the conveyor belt and as such, must take into account the dynamic belt tension forces it is subject to. For this reason, best practice guidelines and conventions must be followed when designing magnetic head pulleys.

Ferrous metal, ferromagnetic or paramagnetic particles travelling along a conveyor towards the head pulley will be subjected to two competing forces when entering the magnetic field generated by the magnetic head pulley magnet element. Centrifugal force will want to throw the particle off the conveyor head end on its normal trajectory governed by its mass. The magnetic force of the pulley must overcome this force and clamp the particle or object to the belt while altering its trajectory slightly to cause a slight trajectory deflection and hence separation (paramagnetic), or it can completely overcome the centrifugal force and cause the particle of object to stick to the conveyor belt as it travels all the way around the periphery of the head pulley until such time as it moves underneath the conveyor and completely out of the magnetic field for a clean separation.

MAGQUIP PERMAPULLEY magnetic head pulleys can be installed on conveyor belts from 450 – 1800 mm wide and will continuously and automatically extract the following:

  • Extraction & Recovery of ferrous metals, tramp metal in materials handling applications
  • Separate or upgrade ferromagnetic and paramagnetic minerals from 5 mm to 50 mm in size
  • Custom and standard conveyor pulley sizes available
  • Low capital cost
  • Designed and manufactured to highest quality standards with proven durability in operations
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can be supplied with bearing housing and bearings
  • Permanent magnet performance is unaffected by vibration, moisture, or atmospheric conditions
  • No expensive and complex DC electrical power supply/transformer rectifier needed for permanent magnets
  • Permanent magnets require no electrical power, very low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Classified safe for use in hazardous locations (ATEX) for dust and gas groups

Magnet element:

C8A ceramic ferrite / N38H NdFeB Rare Earth permanent magnets in axial transverse or radial steel pole design

Pulley Shell:

AISI 304 Stainless steel

End plates/Diaphragm:

Machined S355JR Carbon steel

Pulleys Hub:

Machined S355JR Carbon steel

Pulley Locking Elements:

FLK Bikon Locking elements


Natural blend rubber with diamond back pattern 6 mm or 10 mm thk

Bearing Housing / Bearing:

Plummer block SNU housing & spherical roller bearing