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Tramp Iron Removal Permanent Magnets

Plate/Chute Magnets

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Permanent [Rare Earth NdFeB or Ceramic Ferrite]
Application Summary
Tramp metal & fine iron removal for dry material in pipes/hoppers and chutes
Materials / Commodities
ceramics, Foods, Industrial Minerals, metals, mining, pharmaceuticals, powders, Recycling

MAGQUIP permanent plate and chute magnets are ideal for extracting tramp iron and steel particles from material in inclined chutes, ducts, pipelines or even on vibratory feeders.

The design consists of a stack of permanent magnet blocks packed inside a carbon steel backbar and side pole assembly with stainless steel bottom plate enclosing the magnet. The upper edge of the plate/chute magnet is hinged, and lower edge retained with latch plates to permit opening for cleaning.

Their compact construction, uniform magnetic field, range of intensities and number of sizes and low cost make them versatile and applicable to many different locations. Plate/Chute magnets are typically found in the discharge chutes of screw conveyors, base of discharge chutes in a bucket elevator, above apron feeders. As they are unaffected by liquids, they can even be fitted at a pipeline discharge, to name a few examples.

Plate and chute magnets are easy to install in inclined chutes for material being conveyed by gravity. Best results are obtained when fitted to the base of a chute, but if this interferes with flow of material the unit can be installed above the material.

The MAGQUIP range of plate/chute magnets is available in four different magnet thickness configurations providing varying intensities depending on the application.