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Tramp Iron Removal

Rectangular Core Electromagnets

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Application Summary
materials handling, mining, quarrying & aggregate, Recycling, sugar cane processing, Tramp metal removal

The MAGQUIP range of POWERSMART Self Air Cooled (ANS) Rectangular core electromagnets are used for installations suspended above wide section equipment such as conveyor belts with picking idlers or at angles of 65° t0 90° at material handling equipment discharge ends.

The POWERSMART belt magnet uses a disc winding method with Anodised Aluminium strip coil conductor material inside a fully welded high permeability steel casing to generate maximum coil amp-turns, this translates to a powerful diverging magnetic field with high flux density and magnetic gradient (Force Factor) at very large operating gaps.

The POWERSMART electromagnet is the obvious choice in today’s more environmentally conscious world – the MAGQUIP ANS electromagnet is totally “Self-Air Cooled” and uses no force cooling or oil cooling method (environmentally friendly) and is considered “energy efficient” as it uses almost half the kW power consumption of similarly sized oil filled electromagnets.

Rectangular core electromagnets work by winding electrically conducting material such as wire or strip on to a high permeability rectangular steel core. When energised, this electromagnet creates magnetic flux which returns to the core because of carbon steel side poles and a backbar. This effectively creates a magnetic circuit with a width as wide as the rectangular enclosure, which is ideal for extracting ferrous metal which comes into contact with the magnetic field and are then attracted to the magnet face. The magnet can be suspended horizontally, such as over a conveyor or it can be suspended at steep incline angles of 65° to 90° at the discharge end of feeders and screens to attract ferrous material. Once ferrous metal is collected at the magnet face, the magnet must be moved out of position and de-energised for material release.

POWERSMART “Self-Air Cooled” magnets use “Anodised Aluminium Foil” as the coil conductor winding material. By employing this material, as well as the “direct on to core” disc winding method it is possible to have an electromagnet that uses no oil or force cooling mechanism like fans and is naturally self-air cooled with a fully welded enclosure.

Anodised aluminium strip is a conductor material with a 5µm thick ceramic oxide (anodised) layer which forms the electrical insulation of the conductor material, no additional covering such as Nomex or glass fire yarn is required.

The efficiency of this type of winding also enables a drastic power consumption savings versus equivalent oil/fan types (Energy Efficient); there is also no difference in magnetic performance comparative to equivalent oil/fan cooled types.

The reduced power consumption is achieved by designing the DC magnet coil winding for as many turns as possible in a certain coil radial depth coupled with current/amperage input, as opposed to a design with few turns and many amps resulting in more watt loss/heat which requires cooling oil. The reduced amperage fed into the coil means there is less resistive heat loss (Joule Heating) and power consumption (kW). The ANS range of magnets use almost half the kW power consumption of equivalent oil filled magnets for the same magnetic performance. The coil resistive watts loss is not a measure of the magnetic field flux density (gauss). The flux density depends on the core dimensions and the coil ampere-turns. A coil can have a few turns and many amps (high watts), or many turns and few amps (low watts).

The magnets are then naturally cooled by winding the coil directly “on to the core” and letting the core act as a heat sink to conduct the heat to the enclosure. The heat is then radiated out into the atmosphere via the magnet top plate (back bar). This magnet cooling in large electromagnets can only be achieved using anodised aluminium strip which allows for a coil winding fill factor of 99%, with a wire wound coil the air spaces between the wire wouldn’t allow for efficient heat transfer.

The POWERSMART Self Air-Cooled rectangular core electromagnet will extract damaging tramp iron contaminant from chutes, feeders, screens, and any other similar wide section equipment, with operating gaps up to 1000 mm.

Typical applications are:

  • Extraction of tramp iron from above or at the discharge end of vibrating feeders and screens, grizzly feeders, apron feeders, low profile feeders.
  • Removal of tramp iron on wide conveyor belts with picking or feeder idlers eg. Sugar cane processing and Bagasse

The MAGQUIP POWERSMART Self Air-Cooled rectangular core electromagnets have obvious major advantages over oil filled belt magnets and include

  • No coil cooling oil to be topped-up or replaced or disposed of
  • No oil spillage or leaks possible, concrete ‘bund’ not required at installation
  • 5-year coil guarantee
  • Easily certified “Safe for Hazardous Locations” (Flameproof Zone 1 / DIP Zone 21/22)
  • Lower “Power Consumption” Watt loss (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Lighter Overall Weight without oil
  • Coil takes much longer to reach working temperature, thereby operating at higher amp-turns for a stronger magnet circuit.
  • Coil power consumption does not have to be reduced for high ambient temperatures like oil filled magnets do.
  • Disc Winding with anodise foil offers Lower Coil “Inter-turn” Voltages
  • Strip offer a Higher Coil winding “fill factor” of >98% vs. Aluminium DGC wire with 66% “fill factor”
  • There are no Coil “hotspots” and superior thermal conductivity of resistive heat as opposed to wire windings with oil cooling

Coil & Core:

Anodised Aluminium Strip + S355JR Carbon steel

Coil enclosure:

High permeability S355JR Carbon steel, top and side plates.AISI 304 Stainless steel bottom plate. Lifting and suspension points for vertical or horizontal suspension.

Terminal Box:

Enclosed Carbon steel with cable gland entry and terminal bushings

Power Supply:

Dry type, silicone diode bridge connected transformer rectifier