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Lifting & Scrap Handling Magnets

Rectangular Lifting Magnets

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Application Summary
Lifting and handling of steel [sections/plate/billets/coils/ingot/tubes], Material handling

MAGQUIP can supply a wide and diverse range of Rectangular Lifting Magnets required in steel making and handling. MAGQUIP’s vast experience in the design and understanding of the applications provide our customers with guarantees necessary for planning a complete steel handling system. 

MAGQUIP is able to not only select the most suitable type, size and number of magnets for a specific application, our engineers can design custom systems employing supporting and spreader beams, power supply units, control gear, battery back-up systems and other equipment that may be required.  

The standard range of lifting magnets and any custom-built design can be used for lifting and handling of: 

  • ingot 
  • plates 
  • slabs  
  • billets 
  • tubes 
  • strip coils 
  • bars and sections 

Magnet Enclosure

High permeability carbon steel / Stainless steel


Centre pole length to suit duty


Wound with variety of materials application dependant

Terminal Box

Carbon Steel Heavy duty type, welded two compartment type with sealed lid

Lifting & Slinging

Standard alloy steel chain attached to lugs – various options based on application

Power Supplies

For gantry cranes with AC power supply – transformer rectifier fixed DC output voltage switching with AC block contactors or SCR [thyristor] with boost output voltage for lifting reduced output voltage for carrying,

Optional Equipment

Magquip radio controllers for remote operation

Spring Compensators

Spreader beams

Battery back-up emergency power supply units