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Tramp Iron Removal Permanent Magnets

Road Sweeper

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Permanent [Rare Earth NdFeB or Ceramic Ferrite]
Application Summary
Tramp metal & ferrous object collection and removal from yards/factories & parking areas

The MAGQUIP Road Sweeper magnet/forklift magnet is a low-profile permanent magnet assembly able to be attached to the forks of a forklift for removal of small tramp iron such as filings, nuts, bolts, nails, washers etc. The Road Sweeper is an effective method to collect all these items keeping roads, pathways, car parks and yards free of small potentially damaging pieces of steel.

A stack of permanent ferrite or rare earth magnet blocks are packed inside a carbon steel back bar and side pole assembly with stainless steel bottom plate enclosing the magnets. The top of the road sweeper has a welded carbon steel plate with eyelets for the forks of a forklift to drive through and then lift to ideal height above floor or surface where small contaminant tramp iron must be collected. The forklift then drives around the surface making sure to collect all tramp iron pieces that might cause damage to car tyres etc