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Laboratory Magnetic Separators

Tube / Plunger Tailings Tester

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Permanent [Rare Earth NdFeB or Ceramic Ferrite]
Application Summary
Basic determination of magnetic response for mineral ores material, Sampling of magnetic separator tailings to determine efficiency

The MAGQUIP Tube Plunger is a hand-held sampling magnet that is versatile in application. The sampling magnets are perfectly suited for quick “on site” or in laboratory analysis of magnetic content.  

This sampling magnet can also be used to attract strongly or weakly magnetic fractions from dry, wet, slurried or semi dry materials. 

The tube plunger is available in ferrite grade or much stronger rare earth grade. 

The MAGQUIP Tube Plunger magnet is a plunger with an internal slug type permanent magnet encapsulated within a 25 mm diameter stainless steel sleeve.  

Magnetic material is collected at the bottom of the tube where the magnet is located. When the lounger is pulled up, the permanent magnet moves up within the sleeve releasing captured material. 

The MAGQUIP Magnachute is ideal for: 

  • Basic magnetic sampling of wet or dry materials.  
  • Determination of the efficiency of separation – testing for losses in wet or dry magnetic separators.