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Electromagnetic Vibrator Drive

Vibrating Feeder Electromagnet Drive

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Electromagnetic vibratory driven
Application Summary
batching, dosing, feeding, mixing, packaging, spreading

The MAGQUIP range of Vibrating Pan Feeders using two mass electromagnetic vibrating drive units are ideal for applications where the feeding delivery flow of material requires frequent adjustment or is subject to constant stop/start cycles such as dosing, batching and filling. 

The standard MAGQUIP range can deliver fully adjustable material feed rates from as low as just a few kilograms up to 400 tph. 

The standard range of magnetically driven pan feeder closed or enclosed troughs are available in various materials including plastic, food grade stainless steel and are fabricated to the highest quality standards and finishes. 

MAGQUIP is also able to design custom sizes of vibrating pan feeders and unique configurations including drive placed above troughs, special lining material, hopper gates and covers. 

The advantages of MAGQUIP Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeders include: 

  • Infinitely variable delivery flow rates 
  • Instantaneous STOP and ON/OFF feed control 
  • Frequent STOP/START operation capability 
  • No loss of performance with high bulk loading 
  • Low maintenance (maintenance free drive unit) 
  • Custom design and application know-how  
  • Feed rates of up to 400 tph 
  • Available with sophisticated digital/analogue vibrator controllers