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Vibrating Feeders

Vibrating Feeders Unbalanced Motors

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Unbalanced electric vibrator motors
Application Summary
batching, dosing, high-capacity industrial feeding, mixing, packaging, spreading

The MAGQUIP range of brute force vibrating pan feeders using unbalanced vibrator motors are ideal for discharging and feeding bulk materials from hoppers to convey materials. 

The standard MAGQUIP range of heavy-duty vibrating feeders can achieve feed rates up to 3000 tph. 

The standard range of vibrating feeders of welded construction using carbon steel plate are fabricated to the highest quality standards. 

Depending on the application, liners are made of abrasion resistant carbon steel, stainless steel, rubber, or polyethylene (for sticky materials). 

The brute force feeders are provided with rubber or helical coil steel isolation springs for supported or suspended installation as required. 

The feeders can be supplied complete with bin outlet, slide or bar gate and dust sealing arrangements. 

The advantages of MAGQUIP Unbalanced Vibrating Feeders include: 

  • Industry Proven designs with high quality fabrication  
  • Heavy duty design and construction 
  • Low maintenance  
  • Custom designs and vast application experience  
  • High Capacity – Feed rates of up to 3000 tph