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Vibrating Wet Metal Separator “METAL MARKETING Type”

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Unbalanced electric vibrator motors
Application Summary
metal & cable recycling, WEEE & e-Waste recycling

The MAGQUIP range of Vibrating Wet Separators are sold in partnership with “Metal Marketing”, Europe’s largest manufacturer of wet cable recycling equipment. 

The Vibrating Wet Separator is used successfully on separating heavier metal from lighter fractions from recycled materials. The Vibrating Wet Separator is ideally applied to fine size fractions, specifically in the recovery of copper and aluminium in cable and e-waste recycling operations.  

The Separator uses vibration in combination with water resulting in a clean and pure metal fraction separated from unwanted material such plastic, paper, nylon and rubber. This process yields high recovery rates as opposed to dry type cable separators that can have high losses of copper and aluminium (10%)  

The wet separation of metallic particles or non-metallic particles is due to their large differences in specific gravity/weight. These differences in the density (weight) allows the heavier particles to climb to the discharge end of the separator aided by the particle motion imparted by the vibrating motor, the lighter unwanted particles flow “down” the separator bed via gravity and wash out the water discharge end. 

The advantages of MAGQUIP Vibrating Wet Separator for cable / metal recycling applications. 

  • Various models and capacities  
  • Low power consumption and cost of ownership  
  • Recycles and re-uses wash water via closed loop water tank and piping 
  • High Separation efficiency of fine metallic particles (wire, chips, flakes, dust)  
  • Height adjustable deck for material density selectivity  
  • Wash water adjustable via valves 
  • Easy to operate and use 
  • High return on relatively low capital investment (ROI)