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Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (HGMS / WHIMS)

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Application Summary
Separation/upgrading/concentration/recovery of paramagnetic particles from slurries
Materials / Commodities
Battery Minerals, beach sands, heavy minerals, Industrial Minerals, iron ores

The MAGQUIP Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS) is a high gradient magnet used for the concentration of slurries containing weakly magnetic minerals.

The magnetic separation of paramagnetic minerals demands a high magnetic field gradient as well as a high magnetic flux density. For wet magnetic separation the best arrangement is a closely pitched matrix assembly rotating between the jaws of a powerful electromagnet with the aim being to achieve magnetic saturation in the matrix.

In a well-designed magnet circuit this simultaneously produces maximum field intensity and magnetic gradient (Force Index or Force Factor) in the air spaces between the elements of the matrix, our HIW WHIMS meets these conditions. Background magnetic flux density range from 3,500-16,500 gauss in the open-air gap which translate more than 20,000 gauss in the matrix.

The MAGQUIP WHIMS is available in a single, two pole or four pole single rotor configuration or as an eight-pole double rotor assembly.

Will separate particle size material from 30 microns to 2 mm with tonnage up to 160 tph.

The matrix assembly, mounted on a non-magnetic rotor, moves between the poles of a stationary electromagnet. The feed pulp is introduced through nozzles into the matrix at the leading edge of each magnet zone. Magnetically susceptible particles are attracted and held within the elements of the matrix, while most of the non-magnetic particles discharge vertically after percolating through the matrix. As the matrix rotates along the magnet zone the particles retained are subjected to low pressure water jets to remove any physically entrained non-magnetics or minerals of very low magnetic susceptibility which can be separated as a middling.

At the point of lowest magnetic induction, midway between each two successive magnet zones, the magnetics are promptly discharged with the assistance of high-pressure water jets. The unique design of the MAGQUIP HIW separator is such that at this point in the circuit the magnetic induction is extremely low, permitting even material of high magnetic susceptibility to be discharged.

The MAGQUIP WHIMS will concentrate any minerals with low magnetic susceptibility and remove paramagnetic minerals, iron bearing minerals and feeble magnetic impurities from ores and industrial products.

Typical applications and specific minerals treated are:

Concentration of Iron Ores/Oxides (itabirite, hematite, goethite & limonite)

Concentration of paramagnetic minerals (Wolframite, Chromite, Ilmenite).

Removal of paramagnetic minerals from metalliferous ores (Siderite from cassiterite)

Removal of Iron-bearing minerals from non-metallic ores (removal of amphiboles, pyroxenes and mica from nepheline-syenite, iron oxides from quartz and feldspar).

Extraction of small amounts of fine iron such as abrade iron, ball mill wear, or magnetite from metallic products such as high-grade quartz.

The advantages of the MAGQUIP HIW WHIMS include:

  • High-capacity feed rates
  • Grooved plate matrix assembly (other matrix options available)
  • Oversize material trash screen protection
  • Optimised isolated magnetic circuit with high magnetic field gradients from long life coils, oil cooled via heat exchanger.
  • Sophisticated DC power supply (transformer rectifier) & control panel enclosure featuring PLC features for advanced component control and magnetic field adjustment via current control, feedback monitoring signals and HMI
  • Variable speed rotor drive arrangement
  • Polyurethane feed distributors & product collection chutes
  • Batch, pilot and laboratory scale version available

Feed distributors and feed pipes

Stainless Steel Rotor

Copper Wound Coil Assemblies in full sealed stainless-steel housing

Support frame yoke + product & discharge chutes

High- and low-pressure wash and spray systems

Supplied with Transformer rectifier DC power supply, Control Panel, PLC, Current Control & VSD electrical control panel with HMI

Heat exchanger for coil oil cooling