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Repairs of Magnetic Equipment

Repairs of Magnetic Equipment

MAGQUIP repair capability includes rapid stripping and assessment of all magnetic separation equipment for the purposes of assessment and repair back to original equipment manufacturers specification.

Strip and quote assessments are handled through dedicated company resources ensuring fast quote turnaround times for critical equipment and breakdowns.

Detailed failure reports are generated once equipment has been stripped and assessed and repair feasibility determination made.

Repairs can be made to almost all brands of permanent and electromagnet separators and in some cases equipment conversions can be undertaken to modernise and upgrade separators to latest modern designs.

Typical assessment & repair scope for permanent and electromagnets include:

  • Drum and roll separator component condition analysis and replacement
  • Drum shell analysis / repair / replacement
  • Motor and drive condition assessment and motor re-winding
  • Particle Ingress cleaning from permanent magnet elements and re-assembly
  • Electromagnet Coil failure & coil condition determination[to earth, resistance]
  • Electromagnet Power Supply, Transformer analysis andreplacement
  • Electrical Control panel component replacement
  • Transformer electromagnet cooling oil analysis, oil re-fill
  • Electromagnet coil re-winding