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Rapid Disc Separator

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Application Summary
Purification or concentration of dry granular mixtures with a range of magnetic susceptibility
Materials / Commodities
Battery Minerals, beach sands, heavy minerals, Industrial Minerals

The MAGQUIP Rapid Disc Separator is a series of electromagnetically induced revolving discs positioned above a belt for separation of a series of minerals with varying magnetic susceptibilities. The MAGQUIP Disc separator’s very fine selectivity can produce a clean magnetic fraction which is free of non-magnetic contaminant with a high magnetic recovery.

This separator can be used for separation, purification or concentration of dry granular mixtures with a material size range of 105 microns to 1.5 mm.

The MAGQUIP rapid disc separator is available in modules of one, two or three discs therefore able to produce two, four or six magnetic products.

This disc separator has found major recent interest due to increased demand for the concentration of battery minerals for electric vehicles and metallic ores used in electronics such as coltan (columbite–tantalite).

The MAGQUIP rapid disc separator works by firstly discharging material for a gravity feed hopper or vibrating feeder onto the unit’s 3 belt conveyor and towards the series of one, two or three rotating discs. The magnetic particles are attracted to the zones of high magnetic gradient on the undersides of the discs and carried beyond the edges of the conveyor belt where they are discharged centrifugally into product collection chutes on either side of the conveyor. Product scrapers that are in contact with the underside of the magnetic discs ensure that all products are discharged from the disc before they can re-enter the magnetic field.

The MAGQUIP disc separator discs are adjustable so that the air gap between the discs and conveyor belt can be fine-tuned and varied, this disc adjustment allows best selectivity position to be set. Optimum selectivity can be accurately achieved by combining disc height above belt with adjustment of the current to electromagnetic coils via the control panel.

Distinctly separate grades of magnetic products can be produced by adjusting the angle of the discs with respect to the feed conveyor belt, the discs are normally tilted so that there is a difference of about 1 mm between the leading and trailing edges of each disc and between the adjacent edges of each disc

Separate a series of magnetic particles and minerals from dry granular materials that have varying magnetic minerals and magnetic susceptibilities.

Typical applications include:

Concentration of minerals such as ilmenite, garnet, monazite, wolframite, coltan (columbite-tantalite etc. (minerals for battery and electronics).

Removal of minerals of low magnetic susceptibility from cassiterite, zircon, rutile and scheelite.

Treatment of industrial powders and minerals.

Purification of quartz for glass making and abrasives & refractory minerals.

The advantages of the MAGQUIP Rapid Disc Separator include:

  • Modular construction with one-, two- or three-disc configurations
  • Individual Direct disc drives via geared motors
  • Easily adjustable disc air gap height
  • Optimised isolated magnetic circuit with high magnetic field gradients from long life coils
  • Feed can be via magnetic vibrating feeder for highly specific feed rates
  • Sophisticated control panel enclosure featuring PLC features for advanced component control and magnetic field adjustment via current control, feedback monitoring signals and HMI [Option for DC thyristor drive controller]
  • Easy to replace and change parts including belts bearing and drive components

Large Volume Feed Hopper & Feed arrangement (gravity velocity feed hopper or vibrating feeder)

Material Conveyor belt

Height adjustable induced magnetic discs

Frame + Enclosure + Product Chutes + Guarding + low intensity scalper option if applicable